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– Photo by Lorraine Boyd
Paul Yakel (center) takes a well-deserved bow as the man who has been facilitating the Adult Drug Court program since its inception in 1997 and is congratulated by two of the Court’s judges, Gary Randall (left) and Greg Schatz.

Adult Drug Court Graduation #100
The judges of the Douglas County Adult Drug Court were justifiably proud on March 28 when they conducted the 100th commencement ceremony of the program. In the 21 years since the program began, 1,964 participants have graduated. As a result of the program, 132 babies have been born drug-free to drug-free mothers. Number 133 will be born to one of the day’s graduates.
A white-haired gentlemen received his diploma, and more importantly his dismissal of felony drug charges, and addressed the audience of family, friends, country officials and current participants, saying, “Choose a higher power. Mine is God, but whatever yours is, you need to choose a higher power. He’s in front of me, in me, and behind me. There will be times when your sponsor is not available, or your friends or family. But your higher power will be there for you.” He said he counted up all the money he spent on his addiction over the years, then calculated the amount he had saved since starting the program. He said he was able to take his daughter on a trip to California with the money he’d saved. Another program graduate is currently carrying a 4.0 average in college. All of the graduates’ stories are inspiring and full of gratitude and hard work.
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