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Probation Report Released on
Adult Community Corrections Programs

The Administrative Office of Probation has publically released their 2017-2018 Report on Adult Community Corrections Programs, Facilities, Tools, Services and Supervision.   The report, based on fiscal year numbers, is submitted to the Nebraska Crime Commission on an annual basis.
As outlined throughout the report, the positive impact Probation made on community safety continued to be apparent during FY 2018. Now that Probation’s efforts in adult Justice Reinvestment (JRI) efforts have begun to take hold, there is demonstrative evidence that Probation is a cost-effective means of accomplishing
community safety. Community corrections, at its very core, provides for safer, healthier communities.
In short, during Fiscal Year 2018 the Administrative Office of Probation:
• Completed 10,132 presentence investigations (PSIs), and 763 post-release supervision plans. Both numbers represent an increase over the previous fiscal year (10,098 PSIs, 443 PRS plans)
• Provided case management for 8,731 new, high-risk individuals in their communities.
• Supervised 1,040 individuals under post-release supervision.
• Continued to experience a rise in the overall risk-level of the population served.
• Observed a significant reduction in the overall risk-level of high-risk individuals in both probationers and problem solving court participants upon successful completion of supervision.
• Collected a total of 477,512 chemical tests, compared with 427,976 the previous year.
• Positively impacted the number of individuals revoked to a state correctional facility. The number of individuals being revoked off of probation to a state prison for a new law violation dropped 5 percent, (57 to 52), while those revoked to prison for technical violations dropped 16 percentage points from 45 to 29.
• Experienced a dramatic increase in the utilization of administrative and custodial sanctions as a means to avoid revocation proceedings. Administrative sanctions rose to 16,432 in FY 2018, while 1,759 custodial sanctions were deployed during the fiscal year.
The complete report can be found on the State of Nebraska Judicial Board website.
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