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Nebraska State Bar Association
Four New Practice Manuals Available

Thanks to the generous efforts of many of Nebraska’s best lawyers, the NSBA has produced four new practice manuals in recent months.  They include updated versions of the Nebraska Appellate Practice Handbook, the Nebraska Civil Practice and Procedure Manual, and the Understanding Adoption Procedures in Nebraska Manual.  A new manual is also in the lineup:  Planning for Your Unexpected Absence, Disability or Death.
Dozens of Nebraska lawyers pitched in to update the contents, and review the updated contents, of the appellate practice handbook and civil practice and procedure manual.  Both manuals go in-depth on the process steps required for effective practice, and include practice tips and lots of sample forms.  
The Nebraska Civil Practice and Procedure Manual begins with case analysis and screening and goes through enforcement of judgments and collections, with chapters on every step in between, including pleadings, motions, discovery, pretrial, trial, and more.  
The Nebraska Appellate Practice Handbook covers both civil and criminal appeals to the district courts and to the Nebraska Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  Chapters include specific types of appeals, including juvenile, eminent domain, administrative, probate, workers compensation, poverty, and bankruptcy.  Federal topics include appeals from a U.S. Magistrate, and civil and criminal appeals.  Other chapters provide advice on effective briefs, oral arguments, and creating a record.  
Susan K. Sapp, who is a Fellow in the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, updated her manual, Understanding Adoption Procedures in Nebraska.  Her updated manual reflects the significant changes to Nebraska adoption law in the last year.  It outlines with precision and detail the various laws associated with all types of adoptions and offers extensive checklists and forms. Topics covered range from the basics of adoption practice to the complexities of assisted reproduction; how to address the differing rights and interests of biological mothers and biological fathers; the role of a guardian ad litem and how to obtain substitute consent; 20 critical errors to avoid; and more.
The Planning for Your Unexpected Absence, Disability or Death Manual provides advice for both lawyers preparing for the unexpected, and the lawyers who step in to another’s practice when misfortune occurs. Chapters include: process steps, checklists and forms for both preparing attorneys and the lawyers who act on their behalf, and reviews the ethics rules and opinions that apply for each.  A critical step for either lawyer may be closing files and contacting clients. This manual provides detailed advice useful for any lawyer managing files, and includes practical advice from the Nebraska Counsel for Discipline’s Office. Lawyers who’ve suffered a misfortune and returned to practice, and lawyers who’ve stepped in to help, universally recommend preparing for the unexpected to protect clients, practices and family members.
All manuals are available electronically online through the NSBA store.  The manual on planning for the unexpected is $25, while the other three are $95 each.  Other practice manuals also in the NSBA store include: Closing a Practice, and Criminal Law in Nebraska.
The NSBA thanks these authors and reviewers:
Nebraska Appellate Practice Manual authors: William J. Acosta-Trejo, the Hon. Riko E. Bishop, Bernard J. in den Bosch, Patrick J. Boylan, Jennifer L. Gaughan, Jennifer L. Gilg, Sarah C. Helvey, Christine D. Henningsen, the Hon. John F. Irwin, Milissa D. Johnson-Wiles, Danny C. Leavitt, John P. Lenich, John A. Lentz, William J. Lindsay, Jr., David A. Lopez, Robert E. McEwen, William J.  Morris, Daniel L. Real, Steven J. Schmidt, Robert A. Stark, David R. Stickman, John A. Svoboda, Jim R. Titus, Cathy S. Trent-Vilim, and Terry R. Wittler.  
Reviewers: Tony J. Brock, Alison M. Breuning, Allan J. Eurek, Brian J. Fahey, Brandie M. Fowler, L.S. (Steve) Grasz, Richard L. Halbert, Jason W. Hayes, Mark D. Hill, Bijan Koohmaraie, Robert S. Lannin, A. Bree Robbins, Donald L. Swanson and Mary Jo (M. J.) Walsh.  Organized and edited by: Daniel L. Real, Danny C. Leavitt and Lorrie B. Benson.
Understanding Adoption Procedures in Nebraska Manual author Susan K. Sapp.
Nebraska Civil Practice and Procedure Manual authors: Trev E. Peterson, Daniel M. Placzek, Jared J. Krejci, Jeanelle R. Lust, Renee A. Eveland, Jodie L. Haferbier McGill, Robert M. Brenner, Steven W. Olsen, Maren L. Chaloupka, James A. Cada, Edward F. Hoffman, Melodie T. Bellamy, Steven J. Schmidt, Milissa D. Johnson-Wiles, Jim R. Titus and William J. Morris.  
Reviewers:  George B. Achola, Ryan C. Carson, Allan J. Eurek, Vanessa J. Gorden, Kenneth W. Hartman, Kristina J. (Pfeifer) Kamler, Shakil A. Malik and Jennifer A. Thompson.  Compiled and edited by Lorrie B. Benson.
Planning for Your Unexpected Absence, Disability or Death Manual primary author:  Lorrie B. Benson.  Additional authors:  the Hon. Alan Brodbeck, Dennis G. Carlson, Thomas J. Fitchett, Robert T. Grimit, William E. Olson, Jr., David B. Smith and Walter E. Zink II.  
Other contributors/reviewers:  Frederick (Rick) B. Allan, Jr., Stuart J. Dornan, Kent L. Frobish, Lisa M. Line, Zachary Lutz-Priefert, Mark J. Malousek, Robert C. McGowan, Jr., Dru M. Moses, Kent E. Person, Sean M. Reagan, Curtis A. Sikyta, Heather L. Sikyta, John R. Sodoro, Mark A. Weber, Richard W. Whitworth and Barbara A. Wroblewski.

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