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From left, panelists are Rama Kolli, Tim Horton, Steven Chabinsky and Amy Roland, with McGrath North Chairman and President Roger Wells.                
The Evolving Security Paradigm: Protecting Your Business
By Lorraine Boyd
The Daily Record

At McGrath North’s 2016 ethics seminar held recently, keynote speaker Steven Chabinsky, general counsel and chief risk officer for CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity technology firm – and who served 15 years in the FBI’s Cyber Division – painted a sobering picture of the ethical issues of cyber threats for attorneys. It quickly became clear that the responsibilities are broad and complex and the stakes are very high. “We are all targets because we are lawyers.” In a hub and spoke world, we are the hub, he said. Law firms must protect not only themselves but their clients’ information. His company’s motto: “We Stop Breaches.” He spoke of the IoE (Internet of Everything) that describes a new reality in which everything is networked and connected. Tesla, for instance, was able to fix a brake recall remotely. “What would prevent the bad guys from remotely accessing your brakes?”
Chabinsky also noted that the biggest cyber-security threat today is ransomware. He said hackers are able to break into nearly everything today, hence the need for redundancy of backup (hackers can even delete backups). The harms to your data include loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability. Encryption is great, but what if they just delete everything?
Rama Kolli, vice president, Information Services and Chief Information Officer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, warned that the way the human mind works “The more restrictive your security, the more creative they get!”
Tim Horton, vice president of Security and Fraud Product Management at First Data, advised: “Protect the data, the crown jewels of the company. PII data is six times more valuable than card data. Build a culture in the organization. Get rid of unneeded data.”
Amy Roland, McGrath North shareholder who leads the firm’s Intellectual Property and Technology Group, warned, “It’s not if, but when. Be prepared; it’s everyone’s responsibility.”

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