City of Omaha Public Notices
City of Omaha Public Notices 
CITY PUBLIC NOTICES 12/26/17  12/26/17 4:48:04 PM

Sealed bids are invited and will be received by the City of Omaha on the following project(s):
OPW 53250
Papillion Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration Basin Rehabilitation
Pre-Bid Visits (On-Site):  Before submitting a bid, Contractors are encouraged to visit the site to become familiar with the project area and scope.  These visits can be scheduled with the Project Manager by contacting James Barbour at (402) 444-3922, ext. 2204.

Complete digital project bidding documents are available at  You may download the digital plan documents for $20.00 by inputting Quest Project #5472268 on the website's Project Search page.  Please contact at (952) 233-1632 or for assistance in free membership registration, downloading, and working with this digital project information.
   All bidders are required to comply with the Omaha Contract Compliance Program.  Details of this program are incorporated in the bid documents.
   Sealed bids to be addressed to Elizabeth Butler, City Clerk, 1819 Farnam Street, LC-1 - Omaha-Douglas Civic Center, and must be on file in her office, on or before 11:00 a.m. on  Wednesday, January 24, 2018 for opening in public in LC-4, Omaha-Douglas Civic Center at the above time and date.
   As evidence of good faith and guarantee that contract will be entered into should award be made thereon, a certified check or bid bond in the amount of 5% of the bid must accompany bid.  City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids in whole or in part, and the bidders shall have the right to appeal any decision to the City Council.
   Questions regarding this project may be directed to James Barbour via email at or via telephone at (402) 444-3922, ext. 2204, or Eitan Tsabari via email at or via telephone at (402) 444-3915, ext. 249.
   Eric J. Carlson 
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