City of Omaha Public Notices
City of Omaha Public Notices 
CITY PUBLIC NOTICES 8/15/18  08/15/18 9:22:06 AM

     Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Omaha met on August 7, 2018 and passed and approved the ordinance entitled:
     AN ORDINANCE to create Road Maintenance District No. 745-31, in the City of Omaha, for the purpose of improving South 91st Avenue, from Shirley Street to Hickory Street, by asphalt overlay; to fix and define the boundaries of said district; to provide for the determination and assessment of damages, if any, occasioned by reason of change of grade; to authorize the Public Works Department, barring protest to the contrary in accordance with OMC 26-65, to complete the associated improvement project; and to provide for an effective date hereof. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF OMAHA: Section 1. That Road Maintenance District No. 745-31 is hereby created in the City of Omaha for the improvement of the street segment of South 91st Avenue, from Shirley Street to Hickory Street. This improvement, as petitioned by the residents, includes grading, reestablishment of drainage, if warranted, and application of an asphalt overlay to the roadway surface. Section 2. That Road Maintenance District No. 745-31, shall comprise South 91st Avenue, from Shirley Street to Hickory Street, and shall include: Lot 1, except the west 125 feet thereof; Lots 2 & 3, Lots 4 & 5, except the west 110 feet thereof, all in Block 12; in West Pacific Hills Addition, together with the westerly 190' of Lots 7 & 8, all of Lots 9 & 10, and the westerly 19.76' of Lot 11, all in Block 4;, together with the vacated alley adjacent to Lot 10, Block 4; within West Pacific Hills, an Addition in the City of Omaha, Douglas County, NE; all in the Southeast 1/4 of the Northwest Quarter Section of Section 27, Township 15, Range 12. The outer boundary of said District shall be the outer boundary of the lots hereinabove set forth. Section 3. That if this project shall include a change of grade, then a committee of three freeholders shall be appointed to assess, determine and report to the City Council the damages, if any, to property owners which may be caused by grading or change of grade, if any, in said District, taking into consideration in making such appraisement, the benefits accruing by virtue of the entire improvement contemplated and set forth in this Ordinance. If any damages may be found to have accrued to any property affected, such damages may upon finding of special benefits, be assessed against the properties in the District so benefited. Section 4. That the Public Works Department is authorized to create the design for the improvements, prepare an engineer's estimate, solicit bids and carry out other associated required actions, to complete the project for this improvement district in accordance with the Omaha Municipal Code. Section 5. That this Ordinance, being administrative in nature, shall take effect and be in full force upon the date of its passage.
     First Reading July 17, 2018; Second Reading July 24, 2018; Third Reading, Public Hearing and Vote August 7, 2018
PASSED: August 7, 2018: 7-0
City of Omaha
Jean Stothert,
Elizabeth Butler, City Clerk
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