County Public Notices 
COUNTY PUBLIC NOTICES 6/21/19  06/24/19 2:35:39 PM

  Notice is hereby given that bids will be received by Douglas County Public Properties for the sale of  land with buildings at 3015 Menke Circle, Omaha, NE 68134-0000, approx. 5367 sq. ft. The real estate is surplus property, is no longer needed for a public purpose, and shall be sold to the highest bidder. Sealed bids shall be opened on July 9, 2019, the date of sale for the real estate. Specifications may be obtained in the Douglas County Public Property Office, 1212 Civic Center, Omaha, Nebraska 68183. For additional information, please call 402-444-7878.
Douglas County
Criminal Justice Systems Management Council
Thursday, June 27, 2019- 11:45 AM
Jesse Lowe Conference Room,
 Civic Center
1819 Farnam Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68183
1. Call meeting to order
2. Approval of Minutes from May 23, 2019
3. Reports from CJSMC
a. Departments & Agencies
        Department of Corrections &
        Community Corrections
b. Douglas County Youth Center
c. Omaha Police Department
d. Douglas County Sheriff
e. Douglas County Attorney
f. Douglas County Public Defender
g. Omaha City Prosecutor
h. Adult Probation
i. Juvenile Probation
j. County Court
k. District Court
l. Juvenile Court
m. Douglas County Board
n. Omaha City Council
4. Reports from Other Agencies
a. Specialty Courts
b. Juvenile Justice
c. Behavioral Health
d. Mental Health Diversion
e. Grant Report
f. DMC Report
g. Technology
5. Legislative Update
6. Old Business
7. New Business
8. Adjourn
Next meeting Thursday, August 22, 2019
CJSMC website:
The Douglas County Retirement Committee will meet on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 903 of the Omaha Douglas Civic Building, 1819 Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebraska.  

Notice of Public Meeting of the Douglas County Board of Equalization,

and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners

Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, the Douglas County Board of Equalization, and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners will meet consecutively beginning at 9:00 a.m.  The meetings will be held at the Omaha-Douglas Civic Center, 1819 Farnam, Legislative Chambers, Omaha, NE.  The meetings will be open to the general public.
A list of applications from organizations seeking tax exemption, descriptions of the property, and recommendations of the Douglas County Assessor/Register of Deeds, to be heard by the Douglas County Board of Equalization on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, are available in the Douglas County Assessor/Register of Deeds office.
The meeting agendas, kept continually current, are readily available for public inspection in the Commissioners’ Office in the Civic Center during normal business hours.  Also available for public inspection will be any corresponding documentation that is provided to the Commissioners’ Office prior to the weekly County Board meeting.  Except for items of an emergency nature, the agendas shall not be enlarged later than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting commencement.  The Board has the right to modify its agenda to include items of an emergency nature only when the meeting is in session.
Committee meetings scheduled for the month will be listed on the County's website at and on the County Board Agenda.
Chris Rodgers,
Board of County Commissioners
The Regular Meeting of the Douglas County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners will be held at the Douglas County Housing Authority, 5404 N. 107th Plaza, Omaha, NE 68134 beginning at 7:30 am on Friday, June 28, 2019. The agenda for this meeting is kept continuously current and available for inspection in the office of the Douglas County Housing Authority at 5404 North 107th Plaza, Omaha, NE during normal business hours.
Chief Executive Officer
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