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es, you are seeing double. Scott Anderson has spun himself off of his company, Anderson Partners Advertising, to launch Doubledare.  
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Scott Anderson ‘Doubledares’
You to Improve Your Business

By Andy Roberts
The Daily Record

Scott Anderson, the Omaha native who graduated from Brown University and spent time on the East Coast, has left the advertising agency, Anderson Partners Advertising, which continues to bear his name.
“It was part of a long-standing succession plan,” Anderson said. He sold the company stock back to the staff that continues to run the successful advertising business.
That allowed Anderson to move along and focus on to the executive performance group he started about a decade ago.
“I had already been doing executive coaching and consulting,” he explained in expanding on his planning.
“About 15 years ago I had a coach myself. … I was just feeling sluggish personally and professionally,” Anderson elaborated. “I had no idea what it [coaching] was.”
The experience helped make him to become aware that executive coaching was something he wanted to do. So, Doubledare – Executive Coaching Consulting & Search was born.
Doubledare’s Mission Statement:  “In today’s commoditized global marketplace, the last, true competitive advantage belongs to those that can fully evoke talent, passion and purpose from themselves and their teams.”
According to its website, Doubledare provides performance assessment, strategic planning, leadership development training, and executive search and outplacement services for individuals and teams who are “committed to playing big.”
The team is: “passionate about realizing human potential, and supporting individuals and corporations committed to self-actualization in all areas of their lives.” It uses a wide array of assessment instruments and surveys to improve what they are doing.
The name, as many readers likely remember, comes from a term that was common among Baby Boomers in their younger days when one person would “doubledare” another individual to do something.
In Anderson’s case: “I noticed one day I was trying to motivate a client to take a pretty bold step he knew he would take but was hesitant to do so.”
As a result, in making the challenge, he pulled out the term and double-dared the man to donate to a candidate from the political party the client normally doesn’t support.     
    Anderson recalls that he found the term “motivating.”
The new endeavor, and now firm, had a name.
 Firms such as Doubledare provide a number of services to clients.
“The first thing [they do] is to provide clarity,” Anderson explained. That includes personal and professional clarity.
“In many cases it works with people who have achieved a lot and are trying to figure out what to do next,” he elaborated. That may include succession plans and or simply addressing the needs of people seeking a change. It helps keep people focused.
“Ordinarily we start talking about business and end up talking about everything else,” he said.
With the help of a third party coach, Anderson emphasized it is possible to do in 90 days what otherwise often takes years.
“One of the great pleasures has been to watch people achieve what they want,” he said. “You are able to move mountains ... You go, not only further, but much faster.”
Much of what is done to make companies more successful through executive coaching can be explained as putting people in the right slot.
“I work with companies and some of their most high potential folks,” Anderson stated. The end result of that work is better companies.
Many of his clients are entrepreneurs and closely held businesses, with some additional work coming in large firm leadership development and training.
He provides consulting on specific issues. Succession planning is “absolutely” one of those issues.
“What I preach is to constantly be in succession planning,” Anderson emphasized. “Hopefully we’re [successful companies] always developing people to move into more and more responsibility.”
When is the best time for succession planning?
“The best day is the day the CEO announces their retirement,” Anderson said, “And the second best day is every other day before and after that.”
Anderson firmly believes the best run companies always are looking to develop their employees today, and how those individuals will all be used going forward. Baby Boomers are not good at making succession plans, Anderson said, because of a tendency to be more engaged in their work which makes it harder for them to let go of their responsibilities.
One of the issues privately held companies have to consider if they are not handing off to family or current employees, is how to make the firm attractive to outside buyers.
“If not [handing off], there’s no one left to provide the kind of vision and direction the company needs,” Anderson explained.
Anderson, in general, declined to comment on his clients, but said Medical Solutions is one of the businesses he has advised. Consistently named to “best places to work” lists, the firm has a coaching program for all its employees and offers other “cutting edge benefits to its employees,” he said.
Doubledare is not limited to the Omaha market, Anderson stated. About 75 percent of his work is here, he estimated, but he also works in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto.
“It’s a trend that is more widely known and accepted on the coasts than in Omaha,” Anderson explained. “But, in general, it is widely accepted [within the business community].”  
Anderson also offers his services to local start-up firms. He describes the Omaha start-up scene as “really good. I do work with a fair number of start-ups.
“We’re really lucky in Omaha to have such a rich environment for start-ups.”
Read more about Doubledare on Facebook at: http://on.fb.me/1zi7Bsn
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