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Jim Richards, president of Capstone Consulting, believes in fostering honesty, support, mentorship and innovation, especially through “Build Your Own Adventure.”                           – Photo courtesy of Capstone Consulting
Capstone Consulting’s Core Values:
Servant Partnership, Integrity

By Dan McCann
The Daily Record

Omaha-based Capstone Consul-ting is thriving in the hard-edged business of tech – by maintaining an incredible amount of heart.
“We promote Servant Partnership as a core value,” said company president Jim Richards.
A Servant Partner, Richards said, is someone who shares risks and rewards with their partner (client), puts that partner’s needs first and helps the relationship develop and perform as effectively as possible.
“We were looking to model this style of relationship with our clients and realized ‘Servant Partnership’ was the most appropriate term,” he said. “We believed so much that we trademarked the term and built a certification exam around it. We know that looking out for the best interest of our clients is the right model.” 
Honored as the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the Month for July, Capstone channels its Servant Partnership approach into a menu of tech services, including cloud computing, process automation, application development and IT staffing.
“We’ve strategically aligned with industry leaders, including Docker, Microsoft, Amazon, Nginx and Kofax,” Richards explained. “For our IT staffing services, we have senior recruiters with decades of experience, a strong network, standardized evaluation processes and comprehensive follow-up to help ensure quality before, during and after the engagement.”
Founded in Omaha in 1999, Capstone Consulting has since grown into a global technology company with satellite offices in Colorado and Romania.
“We’ve seen numerous technology changes over the past 18 years so our business model has evolved from IT project-based to system integration project-based to project/staffing-based to our current model of custom solutions, business solutions and IT staffing,” Richards said.
What has not changed, he said, is Capstone’s devotion to being “a Christian-based, integrity-filled IT solutions and services provider.”
Right now, Capstone’s team stands at around 90 employees, including approximately 30 in the Omaha office.
“Capstone creates an atmosphere that fosters honesty, support and mentorship,” said office manager Natalie Peterson. “We want to not only grow our employees in their jobs but as individuals as well. We stress character while developing a great product.”
In addition to promoting values like integrity and honesty, the company also stresses innovation. It launched a “Build Your Own Adventure” program to encourage and empower employees to implement their ideas.
“If an individual wants to start a project or has a new solution, he or she is encouraged to speak up and take initiative,” Richards said. “We encourage individuals to try new things and build a culture in which it is safe to fail.”
He said the vision and mission at Capstone requires a team mentality where everyone carries his or her own weight: “Our goal is to embrace servant partnership in our company and to increase the loyalty of customers through service and solutions. Our employees spend a lot of time making personal connections in the workplace and out of the workplace to assure that we meet our goals.”
As employees strive for the company, the company strives to always keep those employees informed.
“We try to get our employees involved in what’s going on at our company,” Peterson said. “We do this by regularly updating our social media accounts and encouraging employees to participate. We send out a monthly newsletter so that all of our offices feel connected and ‘in the know’ about the happenings at Capstone.”
The newsletter plays another key role – it helps employees see the broader impact of their work.
“As IT professionals, we are sometimes removed from the actual delivery to the end customer. To combat this tendency, we have a ‘Serving the World by Serving Our Customer’ section in our monthly newsletter. This highlights how our delivery impacts the world,” Richards said.
Local impact is another priority at Capstone – and it goes beyond serving Greater Omaha’s IT service and solution needs. To underscore the company’s commitment to community involvement, employees are encouraged to support local charities with company-provided time off. They also vote, every year, on a charity for Capstone to raise up at Christmastime.
“During the summer, we host local food trucks in our parking lot and we invite businesses around us to join. We want to foster a sense of community within the businesses around us and in Omaha,” said Peterson.
She continued, “We also support our community by trying to use local businesses, especially small businesses, as much as possible. It is important to us that we are a part of Omaha and the specific community around us.”
From community involvement to its customer service approach, it all contributed to the company’s Small Business of the Month award win, what Richards said “is a reflection on the Capstone work family and their continued ability to deliver.”
As he looks toward the future of the company, he sees continued growth – and change – ahead.
“We are excited that we can continue to provide great services while making Capstone a great place to work and grow,” Richards said. “We see IT growth and impact on human lives greatly increasing over the next 10 years and look to be part of helping our customers solve difficult problems using IT.”
You can visit Capstone Consulting at http://capstonec.com.
United Republic Bank sponsors the Chamber’s Small Business of the Month award. To nominate a small business online, visit www.omahachamber.org. Nominees must be current Chamber members with 50 employees or less.
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