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Nathan T. Burkman, a senior associate from Koley Jessen gives a presentation on data breaches and their legal ramifications during the NePA spring seminar last Friday at Mahoney State Park.

NePA Spring Seminar

Paralegals Learn About Hot Topics, Technology

By Antone Oseka

The Daily Record
 Ashland – A day of learning about legal hot topics was on tap for paralegals at the Nebraska Paralegal Association’s spring seminar last Friday at Mahoney State Park. 

  Five different speakers touched on a variety of topics, most relating to sticky technological issues faced by the legal society.

  “A lot of (the speakers) focused on legal hot topics including technology,” NePA president Amber Roberts said. “We listened to one on data breaches, one on internet cyber puzzles and different amendments. All the speakers were excellent and we had a great turnout this year.”

  About 75 paralegals attended the day-long seminar, the best attendance in the last five years, Roberts said.

  The opening speaker was Sean T. Nakamoto, an associate at Baird Holm LLP. His session covered how trademarks are affected when a product becomes a household name. For example, calling facial tissues Kleenex or googling everything you find online.

  The second speaker, Mark A. Weber of the Nebraska Supreme Court, addressed how to identify potential red flags for legal malpractice early to avoid further issues. 

  Jim McGough from McGough Law P.C., L.L.O., spoke for the third session on criminal defense, walking attendees through a criminal case from beginning to end.

  The fourth session was run by Gus Hurwitz, University of Nebraska College of Law Assistant Professor and co-director of its Space, Cyber and Telecom Law Program. He explored problems faced in the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments with modern communications technology.

  The final speaker was Nathan T. Burkman, senior associate from Koley Jessen. His session dealt with true stories of data breaches and the legal ramifications of dealing with them.

  Roberts said many of the topics come from suggestions of the membership. 

  “We get fantastic feedback, especially for our mid-year meeting because it’s free to our members and it’s an excellent benefit for them,” Roberts said.
  Attendees received five hours of CLE credit for attending, especially valuable for certified paralegals or advanced certified paralegals to meet their credentialing requirement.

  “We also get great feedback that people are able to take the information back to their firms,” Roberts said. “Like with the true stories of data breaches, they have some action items to say hey, we heard about this at NePA and it’s something we should do here to protect ourselves.”
  Roberts said all the planning paid off with increased attendance and fantastic information.
  “Our continuing legal education committee did a fantastic job making sure our members and non-members were aware of what was going on,” Roberts said. “We had it planned well in advance.”

Approximately 75 paralegals attended the Nebraska Paralegals Association spring seminar last Friday at Mahoney State Park. They earned five hours of CLE for the day-long event. (Photos by Antone Oseka)


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