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– Photos courtesy of Nebraska Bar Association
Hairnets were the accessory of the day for volunteers at the Nebraska State Bar Association’s first annual Public Service Project. Many hands made light work of the 10,000 meal goal; volunteers finished half way through the allotted time. It was all part of the renewed commitment by the state bar to give back. Click here for more photo coverage.
No One Left Behind by NSBA Project
By Lorraine Boyd
The Daily Record

This year’s annual meeting of the Nebraska State Bar Association offered seminars covering the usual assortment of topics for attorneys working in every facet of the law. Lawyers were able to earn a lot of CLEs (Continuing Legal Education credits), a minimum of which are mandatory to maintain one’s license.
But there were also changes in the agenda, signaling a break in tradition.
Instead of the formal awards luncheon, award presentations were scattered across various meetings. Thursday’s lunch became “Relax and Refuel.” At the Italian buffet lunch, people took advantage of the quiet and congenial atmosphere to carry on informal conversations with old friends and brand new ones. There were a lot of laughs, a number of satisfying connections made, and a truly relaxed meal.
Friday morning meant more innovation.
At 9 a.m., volunteers gathered in a portion of the ballroom to participate in the first annual Presidential Public Service Project to help feed the hungry, sponsored by Cozad Nursing Consultant, P&L Technology, and The Daily Record.
President Amie Martinez called it an “opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other lawyers and work as a team to assemble 10,000 meals to help feed some of the 842 million people across the globe suffering from hunger.”
Martinez asked everyone to “please spend the morning with us enjoying some good tunes with good company while we do some good for others. … Make sure to enjoy yourselves. Kick back and relax and learn something along the way. Catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Let us be the spark from which comes the flame!”
She asked, and they came. More than 60 volunteers showed up to don hairnets and pack meals, which were quickly loaded onto trucks to transport them to Stop World Hunger for distribution.
The event was scheduled for two hours, from 9 to 11 a.m. The crew was so efficient and so pumped that they finished in an hour. And while it was billed as assembling 10,000 meals, each “meal” was actually six meals to a package – so they actually packed 60,000 meals!
NSBA’s Associate Director Sam Clinch was inspired to proclaim that next year, they would again schedule the event for two hours, but would break that into two one-hour sessions, doubling the output to 20,000/120,000 meals!
To say participants had fun would be an understatement. Each “team” (table) adopted a competitive attitude. The first team to finish declared victory and threw down the gauntlet to next year’s teams. “Beat that!”
They sang along with the rock music, pausing to belt out “Sweet Caroline.” NSBA leaders, veterans and new members alike found it was a win-win project. They had a great time and many, many less fortunate would be able to enjoy nutritious meals packed with love.
Next year, it’s on!
Other groundbreaking events were introduced at the annual meeting. Coming tomorrow: It was a Night on Fire!

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