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Susan Koenig is being recognized for her many contributions to the law and her community.
Chamber of Commerce to Throw a Party
For Business Excellence Award Winners

By Lorraine Boyd
The Daily Record

What does it take to be singled out for “business excellence?”
According to the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, it is defined as “companies and individuals who dedicate themselves to excellence and help make Greater Omaha a more vibrant place to do business, work and live.”
Today, the Chamber will honor this year’s winners with a party from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Embassy Suites Omaha – La Vista.
Among the 32 honorees is attorney Susan Ann Koenig.
Susan is no stranger to recognition, having received countless awards for her service to community and professional endeavors, but she explained that this award is different.
“To be awarded this as an individual – wow. I appreciate this award because it looks at all of the directions in my life where I’ve tried to make a contribution,” she said.
“I care about my neighborhood, my professions as a lawyer and a coach, and advocating for causes I believe in like domestic violence and AIDS and LGBT – I have a lot of passions.
“This is an acknowledgement that I make a difference in my passions.”
Not only did she found the successful law firm of Koenig|Dunne Divorce Law more than 30 years ago, she also launched a professional coaching firm to “empower successful people to reach extraordinary results.” Her law firm, where she is now Of Counsel, is committed to pursuing satisfied negotiated settlements wherever possible.
Susan brings her enthusiasm and her life experience as a lawyer, author, mentor, business owner, and teacher to her coaching. She is a frequent keynote speaker and presenter, an author and a former columnist for the National Women’s Law Journal. Susan has written extensively on achieving success in career while enjoying life along the way.
Readers may recall an article last year in which we reported Susan’s efforts to brighten and empower her neighborhood by helping the community commission a mural, which was painted on the back wall of her office/home on 13th Street.
It takes both energy and courage to pursue her passions.
“It’s true that the more clear you are about what’s important to you, the more energy and courage you have. You do have to know how to take care of yourself and how to say no. It takes a lot of courage,” Susan said.
“But if you concentrate on what’s important to you and say no to the rest, it adds up to a really satisfying life.
“Coaching,” she said, “is about helping people get clear on what matters most to them.”
Not only does coaching help her clients, “It has helped me through the hard times, uncertainties and setbacks, to live with an ease. I’ve built on what I learned from those times of disappointment and grief.” The mother of two sons, she’s known profound grief. Her brother, Tim, died of AIDS in 1994 and her husband, John Mixan, died of cancer three years ago. “We all have setbacks. We need to be open to new things.”
Her coaching helps her clients to discover answers and to take focused action in the direction of their goals.
“We can choose to focus on our passions and the contributions we can make and move forward, or we can focus on past disappointments. It’s our choice.
“For example, I was a finalist five times for a judgeship and never got it. Sure, it was disappointing, but it taught me perseverance and courage.
“If we just be clear about what we want to focus on, and focus on our blessings, the possibilities expand for us.
“This award for excellence doesn’t mean one success after another. It says if we are true to ourselves we can be successful and make a contribution.”
Now that’s excellence.

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