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Advanced Aerial Solutions
New Drone Business Is Taking Off

By Andy Roberts
The Daily Record

Garrett Young has parlayed his fascination with drones into a business with wide-ranging applications.

Garrett Young has turned his hobby into his dream job.
Young, an Omaha native who attended Westside High School, has launched Advanced Aerial Solutions (AAS), a company specializing in aerial photography/cinematography for residential and commercial real estate, roof inspections and measurements, construction, events, aerial mapping and surveilling and 3D imaging.
In this new enterprise, he gets to expand on his love of drones.
Drones are all in the news, but to clarify, a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle controlled by a person on the ground. Initially, drones were mostly a military tool that were used for missions thought to be too dangerous for soldiers. The first documented use of a predator drone was in 2002.
Now, it seems the human imagination is the only limitation on drones and they are commonly seen throughout the city. The current estimates are that more than a million drones are sold annually, and they may foreshadow the use of other unmanned technology like cars.
Advanced Aerial Solutions is licensed by the FAA and prides itself on the safety and quality of its services. AAS operates in Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln and the surrounding areas.
Young started his business in June after he earned that FAA license.
“I basically hit the ground and have been making it work,” he said.
It’s a business that he created on his own and is not a franchise. When he went to register his trade name, he found no others registered with the same name.
Young speaks humbly of his upbringing.
“Pretty much just your average school experience,” he said. “No sports, math club.”
He’s married and comes from a large family, with a sister and five brothers, one deceased.
Before starting the Advanced Aerial Solutions venture, Young had done roofing, carpeting, been a driver and worked in restaurants.
“Basically (I did) any job you can think of,” he said. “There wasn’t one I tried to stay away from. Just trying to stay busy.
“You gotta make a living, right?”
Along the way Young developed an interest in drones.
“It’s always been a hobby/interest of mine,” he said. “As they got more popular, I started to study it.”
Playing off his previous jobs, he started to figure out how he could make a business work. Hobby drones had been around for years but needed something more advanced.
“The more advanced drones became, the more you’re able to accomplish,” he said. “It just kind of went from there.”
As drones became more advanced, they also boomed in popularity.
“Early 2015-2016, they started to get advanced enough to do some of the things they do now,” he said.
There is training available for operating drones, but Young did the research himself.
“I was basically self-taught, self-trained,” he stated. “Obviously some of the industries I deal with … on a different level I’ve already been involved with those.”
So, for Young, applying a drone to a construction project or roofing was easy.
“Buying a house, I know what that process was like,” he said. “I just translated that into ‘How can I show what I want to show by using my drone?’”
At the moment, he uses the DJI Phantom-4 Pro for work but has owned others in the past.
“The one I use for the business is the most advanced,” Young proudly said.
The opportunities for Advanced Aerial Solutions are many, and even Young is only starting to explore them. The pricing is modest with some jobs as little as $100.
“The pricing I believe is right on par with other services … definitely competitive,” he said.
Services offered included taking photos and videos of special events, such as corporate picnics.
“Generally, they could put it up on a website,” he said. ‘“Look how the company picnic went.’ I can really show it in a light that sets it apart from normal pictures at an event, that’s for sure.”
Weddings are another special event that can be covered in a different way with a video from Advanced Aerial Solutions.
Young recently finished a drone job for Spectrum America, the company that manages ShopKo’s distribution centers.
“I basically put together … a short commercial ad for them,” he said. Plans are to use that product in advertising on the firm’s social media pages and other platforms.
Golf courses and agriculture producers are full of potential customers.
“I can do surveys and [crop] health assessments,” he said of the agriculture work potential. AAS can work with construction companies to provide estimates and update projects.
“I will shoot photography or video for real estate listings, both commercial and residential,” Young said. “We’re talking about 4K video and extremely high-quality photography.”
One obvious use for a drone is the ability to get a good look at a potential roofing job. Previously, roofers bidding these jobs carried a large level of liability. With a drone, the human risk is taken out and the cost goes down.
“That’s really one of the points with roofing – the level of safety,” Young emphasized. Imagine checking out a roof in the middle of winter with just the press of a controller.
“There’s not anyplace I can’t get to on the roof with the drone,” he said.
Young has been doing some research on law enforcement use and predicts most agencies will own and operate their own drones in the future. He has already seen where drones can be used in search and rescue situations.
“There’s so many applications,” Young said. “The ones that I’m doing, I’m probably only touching on the applications a drone can address.”
With a business that is just months old, he is sticking with what he knows best.
“As time goes by, who knows where the advancements in the technology are going to go and where that might take you?” he said. “Everything’s just going to increase, for sure.”
For those interested in pursuing possible applications to legal work – surveillance, damages and more – or any other application, a visit Advanced Aerial Solutions’ website at www.AdvancedAerialSolutionsNE.com is in order.

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