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A slide from the PowerPoint presentation “Fair and Impartial Courts” provided by the Nebraska State Bar Association free to judges and lawyers for use. (Courtesy NSBA)

NSBA Provides Free Presentation for Lawyers
By Antone Oseka
The Daily Record

 Lawyers or judges looking for help with an upcoming speech just got some help from the Nebraska State Bar Association.

The NSBA has created a presentation that any lawyer or judge may use when invited to give a presentation to a local civic or school group.

The topic, “Fair and Impartial Courts,” includes an explanation of how judges are appointed and the role of courts in our society at both the state and federal level.

The presentation includes a PowerPoint, a loose script and links to background information.

It can be tailored to suit the audience and length of a presentation.

The effort began last summer under the direction of immediate NSBA Past President Tim Engler.

“Attacks on the judiciary have become more common at a time when basic civic education seems to be declining,” he said in a release. “This presentation seeks to increase citizens’ understanding of, and support for, fair and impartial courts.

  “Most lawyers and judges are invited to give presentations to local groups, and having an on-the-shelf presentation may help them say yes to invitations. Many lawyers look for opportunities to serve in their communities, and they’re uniquely qualified to talk about the important role of a fair and impartial judiciary.”

  The presentation is available for download on the NSBA website (www.nebar.com) to all lawyers and judges, regardless of voluntary membership status.

  The NSBA asks that users notify them when someone uses the presentation, including to whom the presentation was given, and send any suggestions for improving the presentation.



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