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‘We Love Accounting, So You Don’t Have To’

Barb Brady’s enthusiasm for her work and everything else in her life is apparent the minute you meet her. The bubbly exterior masks the serious accountant within. (Photo by Lorraine Boyd)
Accountant Barb Brady Has It All Figured Out

By Elizabeth Elliott
The Daily Record

Born and raised in Lincoln, Barbara Brady has spent several years as an accountant, first at a CPA firm and then at larger businesses, including Better Business Equipment and First Data.
Three years ago, she followed her dream and started her own company – Simplified Accounting Firm, which focuses on monthly accounting for small businesses. Her business motto is: “It’s your business, we just make it simpler.”
“I am an outsourced accountant for small businesses. Sometimes I get clients that have not focused on their accounting records for over a year and need serious clean-up help,” she said. “I also do the higher-level accounting like an outsourced CFO. But the main point is that I work with small businesses. The clients I work with are the ones that want a continuous relationship throughout the year to keep a pulse on their numbers.”
At the same time, Brady founded the Omaha Business Women Connection, a group of more than 140 members on Facebook. She said she wanted to start a group with other women entrepreneurs.
“We have a smaller group meeting every other week and are purposely growing slowly,” she said. “We have various activities, but we are treating this group as a part ‘mastermind’ group who really helps each other with issues as we are all growing our business.”
Brady said as the group continues to grow, they will keep the group together at times, but will also split the group into smaller separate “mastermind” groups, so they can keep that same close help.
“Our purpose is to be a strong brainstorming/discussion group so we can make better decisions in growing our business,” she said. “We are working through themes that can help us all.
“Our current topic is walking through the concepts of reaching potential customers without crossing the line and becoming ‘salesy.’ We draw from each other’s experiences, successes and issues.”
Brady said it is not the normal networking group, while also not a purely social group.
“My vision was to have a group that doesn’t sell to each other and for each other. Instead, to have a group where members can bring a business problem and get input and ideas of how to solve the problem from other business women,” she said. “To have a discussion group where we can also tell successes and give each other ideas of what to do.”
Brady embraces technology in her business and life, learning about new software programs, apps and new hardware as a business and a hobby.
“I love technology,” she said. “We have amazing tools now for accounting. And there are great tools not only for accounting, but for helping businesses strategically plan, going paperless, organizing notes, working remotely and creating websites.”
In her personal life, Brady has a project with her husband to make their house more of a “smart home,” which she said is “very fun.”
As a woman in business, Brady has learned lessons along the way.
“Jobs come and go. Business comes and goes,” she said. “I have to hold on to my values through it all. I will have disappointments and be mad. I will have my feelings hurt. But I hold to the fact that I have a purpose from faith and I need to continue to build people up and do the right thing.”
Brady is married with two children. “I am intense and a high achiever and my husband is calm and laidback,” she said. “We balance each other. I tend to work way too much as I am starting this accounting firm. He absolutely calms me. I am blessed to have him as my best friend.”
Her son is a music major with a passion for jazz and has completed his first year of college. Her daughter will begin college in the fall. “She declared herself the ‘director of fun’ for the family. I am grateful that she still likes talking a lot with me.”
Brady grew up with a lot of family around all the time. “That’s who I am. I still think of myself as that girl from Lincoln who grew up in a quiet family neighborhood, went to a small church, didn’t have a lot of material items but didn’t know it and didn’t care. It’s where I got my values.”
After earning her bachelor of science in business administration, she graduated with distinction and earned her MBA in accounting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In addition to her work at the firm, Brady has taught accounting and microcomputer software courses and seminars at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Metropolitan Community College and Iowa Western Community College.
You can learn more at https://simplifiedaccountingfirm.com.
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