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Scott Farkas and his wife, Mimi Rogers, say Valpak offers a “360-degree suite of results” to their clients.
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July Small Business Award
Valpak’s Business Packed With Services
To Market Your Business Across Media
By Dan McCann

The Daily Record
“We get up every morning and focus on doing what we need to do to help others.”
It is that approach to customer service that has earned Scott Farkas and his wife, Mimi Rogers, along with their team at Valpak of Omaha, honors as the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the month for July.
“It’s humbling. When you look through the list of companies that have won in the past, you don’t see a lot of direct marketing companies,” said Farkas, who owns and operates Valpak of Omaha in partnership with his wife. “But,” he laughed, “you do see a lot of people we’ve done business with.”
Odds are you know Valpak’s signature service offering. The company’s instantly recognizable blue envelopes are mailed to 190,000 homes in the Omaha metro every month, stuffed with deals and discounts on dining and entertainment, home improvement, health and beauty….
However, the envelope does not encompass the whole of Valpak, a franchise network owned by Cox Target Media and parent company Cox Enterprises. The company has developed an array of additional services – from email and social media campaigns to mobile solutions.
“This allows us to offer a 360-degree suite of results,” Farkas said. “We can serve you with print, but we also provide some incredible services online where we’re not just putting you on a website, we’re putting you on more than 100 websites. We’re putting you on a mobile platform that’s one of the strongest out there. When you put those together, your reach is crazy.”
The Valpak Digital Network is partnered with Google, Yahoo! and Bing, along with a host of other websites and portals, including Valpak’s new sister company, Savings.com. A year ago, Valpak introduced a GPS-based mobile application that allows users to easily find Valpak-affiliated companies and present digital coupons.
“The app is gaining momentum. We’re seeing the reports – more and more redemptions are coming directly from the app on the phone,” Farkas said.
He continued, “Digital is getting stronger and stronger. The results we’re getting for clients used to be 95-100 percent from the print coupon. Now, it’s more like 70/30. Advertising is about frequency. The internet allows us to take a print piece that goes out once a month and sustain it now beyond the first couple of weeks.”
To ensure their clients are getting the best return on their marketing dollars, everything Valpak does is research-based.
“We go deep into the business to understand their needs and goals – and then we create a program that fits that business,” Farkas said.
Valpak direct mail solutions  uses a system called Neighbor-hood Trade Areas®, which allows advertisers to target qualified customers geo-demographically for the best possible results.
“Of our advertisers who follow the research – we have about a 94 percent retention rate,” he explained.
Valpak of Omaha is ranked among the top Valpak offices in North America. Its sales team was Valpak Corporate’s 2010 Sales Team of The Year, a one-time-only award. The key, said Farkas, is the office’s approach to customer service – it’s not about “selling people; it’s about consulting with them, being more like a utility to clients than an advertising company.
“With us, it is 100 percent about what can we do to help you grow,” Farkas said. “A great day for me is when I hear from someone that we had a tremendous impact on their business.”
The Omaha sales force includes Krista Sevening, Nicole Thomas and Holly McAtee, a Valpak National Rookie of The Year, Sophomore of the Year and a member of Valpak’s President’s Club. Chrissy Larsen serves as Valpak of Omaha’s business manager. Everyone on the team derives reward from seeing their clients succeed, Farkas said.
“I’ve had clients tell me that we’re responsible for 60 percent of their total business,” he recalled. “We view our advertisers as partners. Our job is to help you take your business from where you are today to where you want it to be tomorrow – and we do everything we can to try and make that happen.”
And what about Valpak of Omaha? Where does it see itself tomorrow and beyond, especially as society continues to barrel into the digital age?
“I think the postal service will always be here – and the print product will always be here. Human beings like to be able to touch tangible things,” Farkas said. “Backing that up with what we’re doing on the digital side of the world – I believe that’s where you’re going to see the advances. I can see us moving to the point where people will be able to redeem offers and actually buy our advertisers’ products using the Valpak app.”
He continued, “The digital world, as big as it’s already become, is only going to become bigger. By having the Cox backing, we’re right there on the front edge of what’s going on. We’ll be able to bring that back to our client base – and do it at a very affordable rate.”
Paypal sponsors the Chamber’s Small Business of the Month award. To nominate a small business online, visit www.omahachamber.org. Nominees must be current Chamber members with 50 employees or less.
Visit Valpak at Valpak.com/Omaha.

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