Students Propose a ‘Brain Break’

Lorraine Boyd
The Daily Record

It’s never too soon to go back into the classroom and share your knowledge with young students. Attorney Tom Gross proved that when he visited sixth-graders at District 66’s Swanson Elementary in April. Gross and many other lawyers told eager elementary students about the legal profession and how it affects them. “Lawyers in the Classroom” is an annual event tied to the Omaha Bar Association’s observance of Law Day. The topic this year was the Separation of Powers.

Gross brought along the booklet “Unicam Kids – A Visit to Your Nebraska Legislature” and used it to demonstrate how the three branches of government work together.

Splitting the class into three groups, Gross charged them with coming up with a proposal for a new rule (aka a bill) that could be presented to the school board and the superintendent. They jumped at the chance and came up with some viable ideas, coining the “Brain Break Bill.” Gross told them they had great promise at becoming state senators!

In classrooms all over the metro area, students are learning about the practice of law firsthand. The purpose of Law Day is to acquaint the public with how the Rule of Law relates to nearly every facet of our lives in America today. Starting that education early is the aim of this and other activities organized by the Bar and the legal community.


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